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Poppie Seed Muffins
3 May
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Hi, my name is unbenounced at this time but i was born in 1990, on May third. This was a good time full of snow storms and the such, and yes there was a snow storm where I was in May. Anyways, I would just like to say one thing, I like hooks. I love hooks as much as germans love their beer. Anyways now that you know all there is to know about me. Will you be my hooky friend?
alkaline trio, ambidextrious, anime, art, astrology, being cold, bellies, birds, biting, black, black holes, black roses, bonsai trees, brushing against things, cats, cellar doors, cemetaries, chains, chobits, cows, crawling, critisizing, crying, cuddling, curiosity, cursive, darkness, daydreaming, demons, dizziness, dragons, drawing, dreaming, drinking blood, dungeons, ears, emotionless pits, eyes, fallen angels, falling, falsifying truth, fantasy, fantisizing, feng-shui, fire, hair color, hair folicals, hands, hugs, human anatomy, ice skating, incense, j names, jumping, k names, kicking, killing, kissing, kitties, kitty boys, kitty girls, kitty kisses, laying, letters, licking, llamas, lobsters, loners, long nails, looking at buildings, love, loving, manga, meowing, mints, multiple personalities, neverending pits, nick cave, night, night skies, night time, nightmare before christmas, noises, not sleeping, notes, nudity, octopusses, oddity, open-mindedness, ozone layer, painting, pale skin, parapsychology, photography, playing in the rain, poetry, pouty faces, psychology, r names, rachel, rain, rainbows, randomness, reading minds, rice, sad music, salad fingers, scratches, screaming, sensuality, sharp things, silver, sitting, slapping, snow fights, solitude, spazzing, spoons, straight edge, strawberries, swirling, swirly things, the cure, thinking, thunderstorms, toe nails, tongue wars, tongues, total values, tree sap, twirling, typewriters, typing, urban legends, vampires, vegetarianism, veins, victorian houses, walking, wheels, whipping cream, whispers, wiggling, wondering, wrapping, writing, zoning out